Thursday, 27 March 2008

John Mclaughlin Trio - Que Alegria Expo '92

I have just managed to get a clean copy of an amazing performace by the Yorkshire-born John Mclaughlin, one of the worlds greatest guitar players, I saw this trio a couple of times they were on fire! - This is one of the best recorded videos and this is very rare, I edited it on my iMac and uploaded it to YouTube last night so the quality should be good, watch for Trilok Gurtu dipping bells in water! AMAZING - their studio album at this time is 'Que Alegria' and the one before from 1989 - 'Live At The Festival Hall' which I was lucky to be in the audience the night it was recorded is also worth hunting down. Great music, Mclaughlin's fingers look like they are trying to escape from his hands! This was only shown once on UK TV in 1992, so very special.

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