Thursday, 28 August 2008

Nick Drake In Hampstead

I finally got round to editing clips I took in 2004 in Hamspstead of the location where the last set of Nick Drake photographs were taken in November 1971. The 2 Nick Drake pictures were taken by Keith Morris and the music is 'Place To Be' one of my favourite Nick Drake pieces from 'Pink Moon'

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Siamese Norfolk Goose

Whilst walking in Norfolk last night before dinner I came across this two headed goose on the way to Wiveton.

Monday, 18 August 2008

A Shoal Of 'Dolly Hills' in Clapton Pond?!!

Hackney council are baffled beyond tablets after recently renovating the beautiful fountain and garden at Clapton Pond in east London.
Over the weekend several local residents reported seeing a 'Shoal of Hills' swimming around the pond in groups of up to 20 often late into the night. Baffled local botanist Dr Colin Basingstoke said that 'These look very much like the celebrated local journalist Dave Hill and it could be that he has been involved in some bizarre cloning experiment'. I managed to take a picture of 8 of them this afternoon.
We tried contacting Mr Hill but he was unavailable for any comments at this time, although it was reported today in The Hackney Gazette that a member of Hackney Council said that a Mr Hill had spoken to the council tax department early Monday morning asking them to clarify who is actually responsible for paying the council tax for extra people not declared on the electoral register in the event of some bizarre cloning experiment similar to this.
This is one of the most interesting stories to have graced E5 in many years, I only hope that Gordon Ramsay doesn't learn how to do this for the sanity of our glorious nation;)

Sunday, 17 August 2008

French Cheese Thanks to Stef!

Had a wonderful gift brought back from France last week as my friend Stef was on holiday there with his long-suffering wife who deserves the George Cross at the very least. Can't wait to tuck into this tonight maybe I'll really get in the French mood by watching Cyrano De Bergerac and not wearing any deodrant, - thanks Stef:) - I'll bring you some tripe back when I'm next in Yorkshire! (By the way Stef has a great Italian Restaurant in Soho HERE)

Saturday, 16 August 2008

How Cool Is This? - Share Your Music ANYWHERE!

I just found out about this amazing piece of software from SimplifyMedia you can share your music library across the world so friends can access your music, also a new feature is that your music streams via the phone line of wireless into the iPhone or iPod Touch - they released an application on iTunes for free but will soon charge $4 so get it while you can - this is amazing being able to stream my 22,000 tracks (150GB) with artwork into the 8GB iPhone! - great for bathrooms were you can't run wires - you can now stream into a soundock NO WIRES! If anyone wants to access my music my name on here is shiveringgoat ...great example of how it works here - this has to be one of the most important applications for music enjoyment.
Even if you don't have an iPhone you can share your libraries via iTunes etc across the world!

The iTunes application for the iPhone & iPod Touch is here

Jack "The Hat" McVitie & The Krays

This is the house on Evering Road just round the corner from where I live where in October 1967 The Krays (who I'm not really into but find local history interesting) lured Jack "The Hat" McVitie and murdered him - from Wikipedia "McVitie was lured to a basement flat in Evering Road, Hackney on the pretence of a party. As he entered, Reg Kray pointed a handgun at his head and pulled the trigger twice, but the gun failed to discharge. Ronnie Kray then held McVitie in a bearhug and Reg Kray was handed a carving knife. He stabbed McVitie in the face and stomach, driving it deep into his neck, twisting the blade, continuing as McVitie lay on the floor dying.[14] Several other members of The Firm including the Lambrianou brothers (Tony and Chris) were convicted of this. McVitie's body has never been found to this day." Creepy! photo taken 10 minutes ago with my iphone 3g.


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Sunday, 10 August 2008