Saturday, 16 August 2008

Jack "The Hat" McVitie & The Krays

This is the house on Evering Road just round the corner from where I live where in October 1967 The Krays (who I'm not really into but find local history interesting) lured Jack "The Hat" McVitie and murdered him - from Wikipedia "McVitie was lured to a basement flat in Evering Road, Hackney on the pretence of a party. As he entered, Reg Kray pointed a handgun at his head and pulled the trigger twice, but the gun failed to discharge. Ronnie Kray then held McVitie in a bearhug and Reg Kray was handed a carving knife. He stabbed McVitie in the face and stomach, driving it deep into his neck, twisting the blade, continuing as McVitie lay on the floor dying.[14] Several other members of The Firm including the Lambrianou brothers (Tony and Chris) were convicted of this. McVitie's body has never been found to this day." Creepy! photo taken 10 minutes ago with my iphone 3g.


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