Monday, 18 August 2008

A Shoal Of 'Dolly Hills' in Clapton Pond?!!

Hackney council are baffled beyond tablets after recently renovating the beautiful fountain and garden at Clapton Pond in east London.
Over the weekend several local residents reported seeing a 'Shoal of Hills' swimming around the pond in groups of up to 20 often late into the night. Baffled local botanist Dr Colin Basingstoke said that 'These look very much like the celebrated local journalist Dave Hill and it could be that he has been involved in some bizarre cloning experiment'. I managed to take a picture of 8 of them this afternoon.
We tried contacting Mr Hill but he was unavailable for any comments at this time, although it was reported today in The Hackney Gazette that a member of Hackney Council said that a Mr Hill had spoken to the council tax department early Monday morning asking them to clarify who is actually responsible for paying the council tax for extra people not declared on the electoral register in the event of some bizarre cloning experiment similar to this.
This is one of the most interesting stories to have graced E5 in many years, I only hope that Gordon Ramsay doesn't learn how to do this for the sanity of our glorious nation;)

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