Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Transferring Vinyl To iTunes - Long job but well worth it.

One of My New Years resolutions was to put all my vinyl into iTunes with all labels scanned in as artwork. It takes ages but is well worth it - I'm doing all of Danny Tenaglia's remixes and productions I'm up to 146 tracks already with about 70-90 to go! the all backed up on hard-drive. and on DVD's too just in case. I can't believe that I can carry around on my iPod all these tracks and more when originally they are so heavy to carry (try carrying 3 boxes round Manchester on a Saturday night!) - now its easy thanks to technology:)


MarkF said...

As someone who just received an Ipod for Christmas getting all my old vinyl out and uploaded is next on my list now I have the CD collection safely stored away.

Thanks for the tips on coffee machines as well !

Rob W said...

I think you and I are going to have chat about our music collections sometime soon buddy. I've been starting to do the same thing.